Shipping and returns

The delivery of your package

The packages are usually being shipped within 1 day from the payment with a courier that provides information about the tracking and delivery.

For any type of shipping, we will provide a link to track your package online.

The shipping cost includes the costs of packaging and transport.

The operating costs don’t change, whereas the transport costs vary according to the total shipment weight.

We suggest you to group your items in a single order.

We cannot group two or more distinct orders placed separately, so the shipping costs will be charged for each one of them.

Your package will be sent at your own risk, but special attention is given in case of fragile items.

Our boxes are sized appropriately large and your articles are well-protected.

Every purchase is handled in Italy by the registered company Pastidea SRL.

Returning a package

Please note: do not send any items independently to addresses not provided by Pastidea SRL

The package return is handled by our support team which will provide a detailed method for each situation.

Soon after your request you will be contacted and provided with the documentation required to return the item purchased earlier.

Returning procedure

Log on to your "ACCOUNT" - "ORDER HISTORY" - "DETAILS" - "RETURN AN ITEM" and wait until the return is confirmed by one of our operators.

After our confirmation, you will receive a document to be printed and included inside the package.

An email from our shipping partner will confirm the date of withdrawal and provide a delivery label to be printed and affixed to the outside of the package.

  1.                make sure that the items to be returned are delivered in their original packaging
  2.                print the document that you can find in your account under the “YOUR RETURNS” section
  3.                pack the items carefully in order to prevent their damage or loss
  4.                print the shipping company’s label and glue it outside of the package
  5.                contact the shipping company and schedule a pickup
  6.                as soon as we receive the package one of our operators will check the condition of the goods and will consider a refund
  7.                The products will be fully refunded if they have never been used
  8.                The products will be fully refunded if seriously defective
  9.                If the items are partially used or the defect is minimal and they are therefore no longer saleable, the refund will be partial
  10.           The defects are under the manufacturer's warranty for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase.

We advise all customers to check the conditions of the product before proceeding with the item return, to avoid unpleasant situations of non-refund and re-dispatch to the sender.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Kind regards,

The Pastidea SRL customer service