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What are the correct adapters for Philips Pasta Maker?

By choosing one of the following adapters you can use the PVD bronze and bronze dies with the Philips Pasta Maker machine:


By choosing one of the following adapters, you can use the PVD bronze and bronze dies with the Philips Pasta Maker VIVA COLLECTION machine:


By choosing the following adapter, you can use the POM (kitchanaid) dies with the Philips Pasta Maker machine:


What are the differences between bronze and PVD bronze?

The differences can be explained starting from the definition of bronze PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition), this process giving to dies a gold color, serves to make anti-oxidant and hypoallergenic dies so that they can be washed in the dishwasher; unlike bronze dies that are subject to oxidation and must be washed and dried meticulously.

Is PVD bronze toxic?

PVD bronze is not toxic, for example PVD prostheses are designed and used for invasive medicine.

How is possible to clean the dies?

To clean the bronze dies it's necessary to wash the dies only with water (the use of chemical agents such as dishwashers could lead to oxidation of the die), after that remove the paste residues from the inside of the die (to facilitate this step we have create: CLEANING TOOLS) and finally dry the die. To clean the PVD dies, simply insert them in a dishwasher, remove the paste residues after washing and dry.

Why do bronze dies can oxidate?

Oxidation is a reaction of the material, during the time even if meticulously cleaned, they will tend to oxidize. The functionality of the die will still be guaranteed and the result obtained will be the same.

Can bronze dies be used on other machines?

The use of bronze dies on various types of machines is possible only if an adapter has been developed:

KENWOOD machines: the PVD bronze and bronze dies are developed on the dimensions of the dies for KENWOOD so it's not necessary any adapter to use them.

KITCHENAID / Marcato machines: on the Kitchenaid or Marcato machines the dies in bronze and PVD bronze are not usable, they are available in our catalog under the heading: POM dies, only the dies with original kitchenaid dimensions.

Machines Fimar / Fattorina: on the Fimar or Fattorina machine the bronze dies can be used by purchasing a BRONZE ADAPTER (we have developed adapters of different colors for these machines). For use the original Fimar / Fattorina it's not necessary any adapter.

UNOLD machines: on the Unold machine the PVD bronze and bronze dies can be used by the purchase of the UNOLD adapter.

Häussler machines: on the Häussler machine the PVD bronze and bronze dies can be used by the purchase of the Häussler adapter.


How long is the package delivering?

Packages are generally dispatched within 24 hours of receipt of payment and are transported via CORRIERE (GLS or UPS) with tracking and delivery system.

Packages are generally delivered in 24/48 hours from the date of shipment in Italy and EU and within 12 days for all other destinations.

What type of payment can be used?

We have several payment methods available to place an order, you can use PayPal, Bank Transfer, Credit Card.

Is it possible to unify two orders made separately?

If one of the two parcels has not yet been sent there will be no problem in unifying two or more orders in one, we will take care of everything and the shipping costs will be automatically refunded.